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Child & Adolescent Treatment Services in Washington, DC

At Psychiatric Institute of Washington in Washington, DC, we offer child behavior modification for young children and teens, ages 5 to 17.
Child, Child Behavior Modification in Washington, DC

Children's Services
The Children's Service Unit is a 10-bed, acute stabilization unit based on a behavioral model for children ages 5 to 12. Each patient is educated about the behavioral level system, which is a point system. Progress toward his or her goals is measured and discussed daily.

Social workers schedule family meetings shortly after admission and include community agencies and other involved parties as needed. The multidisciplinary team includes a psychiatrist, nurses, social workers, psychiatric counselors, and other support personnel. The staff at our treatment center is specially trained and experienced in helping children and families attain their goals, ensuring readiness for discharge to the next level of care.

Adolescent Services
The Adolescent Service Unit is a 22-bed, short-term, acute stabilization inpatient unit for boys and girls ages 13 to 17. Each patient is assigned to one of our full-time child and adolescent psychiatrists. The program is designed to evaluate, educate, and assess symptoms and behaviors in order to appropriately intervene both behaviorally and, when indicated, with medications. 

Family and agency involvement begins upon admission, and discharge planning is developed to support progress made during the inpatient hospitalization. The unit is highly structured and has an active program schedule, including daily multidisciplinary groups, education, and school services.

Contact us at (202) 885-5600 for more information regarding our child behavior modification services.